The easiest way to get Instagram ready

Images are much more engaging than text. It’s why over 500 million people use Instagram every day and why so many of our clients ask for our Instagram photography services. They need a constant stream of different images to feed their social media and boost their presence, engage with their audience and ultimately grow their business.

Most companies choose our Instagram photography services to promote something specific, such as a seasonal promotional, product launch or a special event, and the Fat Duck Group was no different.

The Heston Blumenthal team wanted to promote the new menu about to launch at The Perfectionist Café, London Heathrow and their two pubs in Bray, Berkshire - The Crown and The Hind’s Head.

Our brief was simple: to provide images that captured the unique and creative style that Heston’s team inevitably brings and use our photography expertise to convey the dishes inherent deliciousness.  

A challenging environment always brings out our best photography work

The Perfectionist Café at Terminal 2, London Heathrow was our venue; a bustling restaurant full of hungry diners and a busy working kitchen producing fantastic food for their clientele and our photo shoot!

Having worked with the Fat Duck Group for a number of years on various photography projects, both teams were quickly able to work out the best way to get the shoot done as efficiently as possible with minimum disruption to the kitchen and other diners whilst achieving the best results. The last thing we wanted was to upset the Head Chef! 

And as restaurants tend never to have the best lighting for photography, it was just a case of using the techniques and skills we’ve acquired over the years to really make the dishes stand out. 


“Getting that runny egg yolk to look that great, wasn’t easy! We had to make sure the lighting was right, so we would get catchlights in the yolk, get the right angle, so there was nothing extraneous in the image and then once the yolk was broken, I only had a few seconds to get the perfect picture. It’s one of my favourites!”    Tom Osborne, Photographer

Working closely with the client to give them the results they want

Throughout the photo shoot, we worked closely with the Heston Blumenthal team and in particular with one of the Head Chefs. Shooting tethered, together we were able to see the images live and make any tweaks to the dishes as we went along to make sure they looked perfect and up to the high standards they were after.

By the end of the shoot, we had completed the brief, provided them with not only the photos they wanted, but also a lot of additional content (the best Instagram accounts never repeatedly use the same images), and exceeded their expectations in the process.

Post-production is important. Here’s why

Straight out of the camera, no image is perfect: it’s why post-production is so important – it adds that final polish, making an already great image, perfect. Our experienced team of retouchers made some subtle enhancements to the photos ensuring there wasn’t a single rocket leaf or pea shoot out of place and made sure the photos were in the right format for the client.

Want to crack Instagram? Then get in touch

Instagram is much more engaging than other social media platforms; it’s why the Fat Duck Group wanted to do this shoot and our strong track-record and impeccable experience is why they choose us to do it.

If you have a particular event or product you want to promote and are interested in finding out more about our Instagram photography services, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.